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Olympus WS-852+TP-8 Adapter

Olympus WS-852+TP-8 Adapter
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Stereo sound in every recording.
Directional 90 ° low-noise microphones guarantee true stereo sound - allowing you to feel the smallest detail of the meeting. Regardless of where the person is at the moment, you are always able to record the information you need.

Sets the recording levels for you.
To make the recording more comfortable, the intelligent auto mode adjusts the recording levels automatically to match the volume level of the sound source. When the sound source is very loud, the recorder reduces the input level, and for silent sounds - it increases it - providing always a good level of recording.

Created for beginners. Perfect for the advanced.
With two modes of operation, you can enjoy advanced recording technology even if you are a beginner. Basic mode only displays the most important parameters and information and limits the menu settings to the most commonly used functions. For advanced users, full functionality is available in normal mode.

The easiest way to write data
Save data easily and conveniently with built-in USB input. Just connect the connector to the computer and transfer the recording from the device to the hard drive. You can also use the USB connector to transfer documents and other files. For the WS-853, the USB connector has an additional battery charging function for complete peace of mind.

High quality voice recorder and voice recorder in one.
Whether you're dictating at work or out, the new WS-852 combines the high quality of stereo recordings with exceptional ease of use. This makes it not only convenient to use but also extremely useful in any situation.

Less noise. More sound.
High-pass filter effectively eliminates low-frequency noise such as air conditioners or wind noise for even more clear recordings.

Now every voice will be heard.
By eliminating the low and high frequencies of the recording, the voice filter emphasizes the clarity of spoken words. This makes it easier to understand the speaker during playback.

TP8 Phone adapter
Perfect for any phone conversation: When you talk on the phone, the TP-8 lets you record both your and your caller's voice recordings. Simply connect the TP-8 to the "MIC" input on the voice recorder and place the earphone in the ear. The TP-8 adapter can be used on both fixed and mobile phones, including DECT. Included are earphone earphones in three sizes (S / M / L).

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