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Razer Condenser Streaming Microphone Seiren Mini Quartz Pink

Kodas: 43281RME
Gamintojo kodas: RZ19-03450200-R3M1
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Unleash your voiceRazer Seiren Mini is a compact streaming microphone that hides the best technologies that make your voice sound really powerful and take the quality of your streaming to a whole new level.Ultra-precise pickup patternThe Seiren Mini microphone uses a highly accurate supercardioid recording pattern that reduces ambient background noise and ensures that sound is recorded as loud and clear as possible so that your audience can always hear everything.Shock resistantWhen things get exciting, accidental knocks and bumps happen. When that happens, the built-in shock mount dampens vibrations to help protect your stream against sound anomalies.Compact form factorMany professional microphones shine with good sound quality, but can be too large and unwieldy for smaller tables. Thanks to its compact body, the Seiren Mini microphone allows you to enjoy top-level sound quality as well as a compact and modest design.Tilting tripodThe microphone is attached to a flexible tripod, which can be directed so that it catches your voice from the best angle. The Seiren Mini can also be connected to another tripod with a 58'' thread.Fast USB connectionAll you have to do is connect Seiren Mini to the desired device via USB, and after setting the volume in the app you are using, it's time to talk.


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