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Saramonic Directional Condenser Microphone SR-M500

Saramonic Directional Condenser Microphone SR-M500
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Saramonic Directional Condenser Microphone SR-M500 aprašymas

The SR-M500 from Saramonic is a matched pair of compact cardioid conderser microphones. You place the Twin Mount of the SR-M500 on the hotshoe of your camera, after which you can connect the microphones with XLR cables and the Saramonic Microphone Adapter SmartRig+ to your camera. This is necessary because the SR-M500 works on phantom power. The two SR-M500 microphones then ensure that you record the overall ambient noise in high quality. The included windshields ensures that you can also make a silent recording outside. Besides a included hotshoe connector is at the bottom also a 5/8" female thread with a 3/8" female thread adapter on the Twin Mount so that it can also be used on multiple accessories.

Usage SR-M500

You can place the SR-M500 on your camera and use it to capture the environmental sounds. This is a directional microphone, so that (voice) sound from a few meters away can still be heard. It is possible to use both one and two microphones. These can then be set to different positions to capture the sound in different ways. Think of simply next to each other, the X-Y mode or the ORTF mode. With the help of the instructions on the Twin Mount these positions are easy to perform. The SR-M500 is very suitable for recording in studios or during live performances. In addition, the SR-M500 can also be used for recording ambient noise or an indoor conversation.

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