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Boya Professional Lavalier Microphone BY-F8OD Omni-Directional

Boya Professional Lavalier Microphone BY-F8OD Omni-Directional
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Boya Professional Lavalier Microphone BY-F8OD Omni-Directional aprašymas

The Boya BY-F8OD Omni-Directional Lavalier Microphone is an extremely suitable microphone for recording voice in videos. The sound is received omnidirectionally which means that sounds are received from all sides. This makes the BY-F8OD also suitable for videos or interviews in which the interviewee is moving. The sound is still well recorded when his / her head turns away. Due to its robust metal construction, the BY-F8OD can take a beating. The BY-F8OD works with an AA battery (not included).

Application BY-F8OD

The BY-F8OD is an omnidirectional tie-pin microphone, which means that the microphone captures sounds in both the microphone environment and directly in line with the microphone. Because it is a tie-clip microphone, the BY-F8OD is ideal for theater, TV broadcasts, ENG productions and recording sound for videos, films or a single sound recording. The Low-Frequency Roll-Off switch gives you the option to filter out bass.

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