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mantona Ball Head MK 1

mantona Ball Head MK 1

mantona Ball Head MK 1

Ball heads of the MK series by mantona allow pictures from almost any perspective. With them, you are ready for every situation and have full range of movement.
The very massive and sturdy ball head MK1 has a load capacity of up to 4 kilos and offers many possibilities for professional photography with its vertical format opening and horizontally rotating ball joint. The camera is mounted on the quick-release plate and is kept from slipping due to an additional safeguard on the plate mount. The two locking wheels on the left and right regulate the friction resistance of the ball head and can be operated from either side. The ball head can be horizontally rotated by 360° without problems. A locking wheel serves for locking it.

Technical specification:

  • Load Capacity approx. 4kg
  • Height approx. 9.5cm
  • Weight approx. 420g

Included in delivery:

  • 1x mantona Ball Head MK 1
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Gamintojas(?) mantona
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 4 kg
Prekės kodai

141348619VOK 18002 4260191241439

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