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Acme Cable CB1061 USB-C to Lightning, TPE, 1 m

Acme Cable CB1061 USB-C to Lightning, TPE, 1 m
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Acme Cable CB1061 USB-C to Lightning, TPE, 1 m aprašymas

Time to upgrade your mobile charging experience! No matter what type of phone you have ACME has your back. These charging cables come in both black and white, Power Delivery function and either 20 W or 60 W of charging power (depending on the cable model).* Plenty for a quick full charge! Choose from USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to Lightning depending on your connection type. Just like youre used to, these cables are 1 meter long and can also be used to transfer data from one device to another.

ACME CB1061 cable USB-C (M) - Lightning (M) 1m, PD20W, black

Durable, modern USB Type-C PD20W - Ligtning cable for ultra-fast charging of new iPhone models and data transfer It is compatible with the modern technology of Power Delivery ultra-fast charging of mobile devices and allows you to charge them with a power of up to 20W. Cable surrounded by Reinforced Thermoplastic (TPE) Flat plugs fit perfectly into almost any smartphone case (specially selected plug housing)

5 years warranty

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