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Aqara Water Leak Sensor T1

Aqara Water Leak Sensor T1
Kodas: 07774NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: WL-S02D
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Aqara Water Leak Sensor T1 aprašymas

Detects floods and protects your property
The Aqara Water Leak Sensor T1 detects water leakages, flooding and monitors the status of water leaks. If a water leaks or flooding occurs, it can also send an instant notification to your phone via the Aqara app. It also works with other smart accessories to automate your home.

Triggers Aqara Hub Alarm and Push Notifications
When the water level reaches up to 0.5mm, the Water Leak Sensor T1 will trigger the Hub to sound an alarm and send a notification to your phone.

IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof Rating
The Aqara Water Leak Sensor T1 meets an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating. It is guaranteed to work in humid and dusty environments.

Designed to Fit Everywhere
The Aqara Water Leak Sensor T1 can be placed anywhere according to your needs, guarding your home with its elegant design.

Multi-Ecosystem Support
After binding it to an Aqara hub, the sensor can be available to third-party platforms, such as Apple Home (featuring Critical Alerts). It can also be natively integrated with Samsung SmartThings.

Aqara Home Automations
You can customise different scenes with our suite of smart home products.

Advanced Technology
The outer shell is made of anti-UV material which protects the sensor from discoloration. The sensor is also energy-efficient, and one battery can last over 2 years under normal usage.

NB! An Aqara hub is required and sold separately.

Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) AQARA
Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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07774NRD WL-S02D 6975833352142


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