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Manta SPK5003PRO Power

Manta SPK5003PRO Power
Kodas: 03746MCF
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Gamintojo kodas: SPK5003PRO
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It works both indoors and outdoors, because it can work up to 5 hours on the battery. You can take it with you even where you do not have access to electricity and dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs or perform in front of friends with a guitar.
Disco LED RGB is a system of lighting effects that create a unique atmosphere during play. Thanks to them, everyone better gets into the atmosphere of the evening, starts to dance and will forget about everyday life. The SPK5003 PRO also has a slim shape and a slightly futuristic look. This makes it great for disco or concerts.
While playing, the songs can be changed with the remote control (included in the set) or with a smartphone. The product receives a Bluetooth signal within a radius of 10 meters. It is also equipped with USB, SD, MMC sockets as well as microphone, guitar and one auxiliary inputs. Thanks to this, you can create an interesting musical setting for various occasions and with various equipment. The broadcast signal can also be burned to USB, which will allow you to record the performance. The set has a Super Bass option, which allows you to emphasize the lower registers, as well as the echo effect of the microphone.
In addition to the appropriate power (50 W), it has spectacular Disco LED RGB lighting and supports a variety of different inputs.
Rated power RMS [W]: 50
Column type: Built-in
Equalizer: Yes
Type of discs to be played: Not applicable
Supported formats: MP3
Radio: FM
Built-in battery: Yes
Additional information: Backlight with LED diodes
Wi-Fi: No.
Bluetooth: Yes
NFC: No.
AirPlay: No.
Bass boost: Yes
Karaoke: Yes
Additional functions: Super BASS, Play music from SD card, Play music from USB memory
Antenna input: No.
AUX line audio input: Yes
EURO connector: No.
HDMI connector: No.
USB connector: Yes
AV output: No.
Output to active subwoofer: No.
Component output: No.
Digital coaxial connector: No.
Digital optical connector: No.
Headphone output: Yes
Weight [kg]: 12.5
Dimensions of the device [cm]: 36.5 x 68 x 38

Pristatymo laikas 7-10 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) Manta
Pristatymo laikas 7-10 d.d.
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