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Speedlink wireless mouse Libera (SL-630021-RRBK)

Speedlink wireless mouse Libera (SL-630021-RRBK)
Kodas: 07696NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: SL-630021-RRBK
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Speedlink wireless mouse Libera (SL-630021-RRBK) aprašymas

The rechargeable, wireless LIBERA mouse combines premium technology and comfort for an unparalleled user experience. With a dual connection option - 2.4GHz (1 profile) and Bluetooth (2 profiles) - our mouse offers the flexibility to seamlessly connect to various devices, whether laptop or tablet, the LIBERA is always ready for use. Silent main buttons ensure almost quiet yet precise clicks. What's more, the LIBERA features an additional horizontal scroll wheel, making navigating through documents and websites child's play. Worrying about batteries is also a thing of the past. Our LIBERA is rechargeable, saving you the hassle and cost of disposable batteries. You can continue working without any problems while charging. The compact shape, with its rubberized surface, has been specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and grip.
  • Wireless mouse with 5 buttons + dpi switch
  • Horizontal scroll wheel
  • Compact shape
  • Silent main buttons for almost quiet clicks
  • Optical sensor with adjustable resolution: 1,000 / 1,600 / 2,400 / 3. 200dpi
  • Intelligent power saving mode
  • On/Off switch
  • Rubberised surface for improved grip and comfortable feel
  • Range: up to 10m
  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth (2 profiles) and 2.4 GHz (1 profile)
  • Connection: USB-A 2.4Ghz nano receiver / Bluetooth
  • Battery: 500 mAh lithium-ion with NTC
  • Charging: USB-C / USB-A charging cable 1.2m

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07696NRD SL-630021-RRBK 4027301750973


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