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VC41 1080p 3G-SDI PCIe 4-Channel Capture Card

VC41 1080p 3G-SDI PCIe 4-Channel Capture Card
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VC41 1080p 3G-SDI PCIe 4-Channel Capture Card aprašymas

Simultaneously live stream and capture your gameplay or content creation using this VC41 1080p 3G-SDI PCIe 4-Channel Capture Card from AVMATRIX with its four 3G-SDI inputs. The PCIe 2.0x4 interface supports up to 1080p60 YUY2 uncompressed video for a high-quality picture.

The image integrity is further preserved thanks to the 1080i hardware deinterlacing and 3D noise reduction algorithm. Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, the card is capable of recording to applications like OBS and Teams and live streaming the captured video to major platforms.

High Bandwidth and Ultralow Latency
The PCIe 2.0 interface has 2.5GB/s transmission bandwidth for faster data transfer speed in gaming and live-stream applications, bringing uncompressed and ultralow latency to the streaming experience.

24-Hours of Non-Stop Work
The card has a thick gold-plated interface for more stable contact and transmission to work continuously for a long period of time.

Portrait and Landscape Modes
Supports portrait and landscape modes for various social media livestream scenarios.

Windows 7 and Linux 18.04 operating systems and above are supported by the card. Streaming and recording via OBS, Teams, Twitch and other platforms are also supported for broadcast to major livestreaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook via the network.

Key Features

  •     PCIe 2.0x4 Interface
  •     4 x 3G-SDI Input
  •     Supports up to 1080p60 Video
  •     Simultaneously Stream and Capture
  •     YUY2 Uncompressed Video
  •     For Windows and Linux OS

Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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