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Arenti security camera GO1 + 32GB memory card

Arenti security camera GO1 + 32GB memory card
Kodas: 07153NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: GO1-32
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Arenti security camera GO1 + 32GB memory card aprašymas

1080p Full HD with Enhanced Night Vision
The GO1 Wi-Fi battery security camera records footage in crystal clear 1080p full HD with a 145°wide angle. The built-in infrared sensor supports clear recordings and streaming in low-light scenarios, which makes GO1 your best guardian no matter day or night.

100% Wire-Free & Easy to Install and Use
The Arenti GO1 is a 100% wireless camera with no wires or cords needed for power or Ethernet or Internet connections. With the magnetic wall mount and metal stand, GO1 can be easily installed in minutes. User-friendly App offers customized settings to get you started easily.

Rechargeable Battery & Long Standby Time
Arenti GO1 Wi-Fi Camera is operated by 2pcs powerful rechargeable batteries (6700mAh total) which can work for 2-5 months based on 10-20 times triggering per day. (Tips: Fully charge the camera when using it for the first time).

2-Way Audio & IP65 waterproof
The advanced Mic and speaker offers you a smooth and stable communication through Arenti App. With the durable and long-lasting waterproof design, GO1 outdoor camera can last for years even in harsh weather conditions.

AI-Powered Human Motion Detection with 60-Second Video Clip Record
The GO1 camera records a 60-second video clip which is longer than most other cameras on the market, ensuring you see the whole event when motion or sound is detected. The video will be saved to the cloud for 72 Hours if cloud storage service is enabled. Buy now and enjoy 6-month free cloud storage. The AI-powered human detection feature reduces false alerts by bugs, rain, or snow. Alexa enables you to monitor your home from the comfort of your sofa.

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