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Imou security camera Versa 2MP

Imou security camera Versa 2MP
Kodas: 06892NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: IPC-C22FP-C
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Imou security camera Versa 2MP aprašymas

  • Easy to mount
  • Smart color night vison
  • IP65 weather-resistance
  • Built-in spotlight
  • 110 dB siren

Use it indoor/outdoor
Versa's compact design and diverse features make it a reliable security camera for both indoor and outdoor use, when you have Versa you can have more.

Light the night up with smartness
Versa can adjust different night vision modes according to your needs, whether you want the night vision to remain in full color all the time or want to turn on full color only when there is an event to save energy, it can always satisfy you.
  • Smart mode. The camera will automatically turn into color mode from infrared mode when suspicious motion is detected.
  • Color mode. Thanks to the built-in spotlights, your night vision is now turned up and in full color.
  • Infrared mode. Advanced IR algorithm provides clear black-and-white pictures even in darkness.
  • Off mode. Turn off all night vision modes – infrared and spotlights are all turned off.

Deter unwelcome visitors
Advanced human detection algorithms can immediately send you alerts when a human target has been detected, combine with the 110dB helps you easily keep unwelcome visitors away.

It's weatherproof
With IP65 certified weather resistance, Versa can easily handle windy, rainy, and sandy weather.

Adorable and delicate
The compact design of Versa allows you putting it into any room or space in your home, give you the possibility of more usage scenarios.

Install it in minutes
Except the drilling installation, Versa also provides two quick and easy installation methods, magnetic installation and sticker installation, no complex installation work anymore.

Connect your home from anywhere
Been able to say hello to your little friend or your babies with built-in microphone and speaker.

Care for your treasure all day long
Immediate alert, immediate care. Versa can detects unusual sounds in the environment and immediately send alerts to your phone, you will get to know what's going on with your treasured baby.

See more with a wide-angle lens
With 114° diagonal field of view, Versa will gives you a full picture of your home.

More speed, less room
With the latest H.265 compression technology, Versa can reduce network bandwidth and storage usage by 70% at the same video quality.

Diversified storage
  • SD card
  • NCR
  • Cloud

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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06892NRD IPC-C22FP-C 6971927233090


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