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Xiaomi Mi Wireless Outdoor Camera

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Outdoor Camera
Kodas: 06258NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: BHR4433GL
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The Xiaomi Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p is made for outdoor use with 1080p FullHD video recording and a wide 130° field of view. The large 5700 mAh battery allows wireless use for up to 90 days. The camera also has WiFi and Ethernet connection.

Make your home safe
A great security solution to take the fear out of your property and loved ones once and for all. This advanced wireless camera offers you continuous 1080p surveillance of your property. It also has a number of smart features that allow it to detect humans, send notifications to your mobile phone and observe nighttime events, among other things.

Wide 130° field of view
Watch a 1080p FullHD video with a 130° field of view directly from your smartphone. With such a detailed image you won't miss anything.

Clear pictures even in the dark
Thanks to the WDR technology and a large F 2.1 aperture, the camera can capture clear and detailed images even in the dark. The distance of the camera's night vision is up to 7 meters.

Up to 4 cameras can be connected
With a smart receiver (not included), you can connect up to 4 cameras at a time to record every corner of the house. You can then view the activity directly from your smartphone or check the recorded motions.

Reliable and stable design
The camera is designed to operate in the range of -20° C to 50° C. In addition, it is IP65 certified, which means the camera is weatherproof and not afraid of dust and rain.

Anti-theft screw fastening
The camera is equipped with an anti-theft screw mount and a built-in gyroscope. As soon as the camera detects unusual activity, it sends a real-time alert to your smartphone.

NB! This is a single outdoor camera version. Outdoor camera(s) must be paired with an indoor receiver (not included) to use.

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Gamintojas(?) Xiaomi
Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių
Svoris 0.54 kg
Pristatymo laikas 0-4 d.d.
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