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Platinet smart socket WiFi Tuya, white (454739)

Platinet smart socket WiFi Tuya, white (454739)
Kodas: 05535NRD
Stebėti kainą Į palyginimą
Gamintojo kodas: 454739
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Pristatymas 5-10 d.d.
Liko 61 vnt.
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Platinet smart socket WiFi Tuya, white (454739) aprašymas

A safe house in your absence
Are you going on vacation or visiting family? Are you concerned about the safety of your home? Set a schedule for switching the light on and off at specific times, imitating the presence of household members.

Convenience of use
Do you turn on the light with your elbows? Are you tired of looking for a switch in the dark? Combine the light switch in the app with a door opening sensor or a motion sensor and never put off your purchases to turn on the light.

Plan a weather dependent scenario
You can adjust the scenario depending on what the weather is outside the window. Control the devices depending on whether it is snowing, raining or sun shining. Do you have outdoor Christmas decorations? You can set it to turn on automatically when the weather indicates e.g. snowfall.

Socket with protective grounding
Standard "uni-schuko" with placed on the sides spring plates for protective grounding allows you to connect plugs both Polish and other European countries.
This socket enables the connection of both versions of C plugs and dual E / F plugs. The socket is symmetrical (the plug can be turned by 180 ° for connection)

  • Controlling the operation of devices from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to set a timer, schedule and other scenarios (e.g. switching on the device after detecting motion in the apartment)
  • Free Tuya Smart application for Android and iOS
  • Approximately 11 000 different devices can be integrated
  • Easy to install and use
  • Cooperation with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Voice control when paired with Google Assistant or Alexa
  • Non-flammable material for your safety
  • Protection: Over Output Voltage Protection (OVP), Overload Protection (OLP), Over Current Overload Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), To prevent unwanted objects from being put in the socket (Child Shutter)

Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) Platinet
Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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05535NRD 454739 5907595454735


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