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Canon IXUS 185

Canon IXUS 185

Compact design
Automated and stylish IXUS, slim, compact design is equipped with a die with a resolution of 20 MP and provides excellent quality pictures and videos. It allows the use of 8-times optical zoom function ZoomPlus (16-fold magnification), Easy Auto Mode and the possibility of immediate recording HD movies. Modes of creative work are easy to use and provide good fun.

Simple operation and high quality - the IXUS
Capture your favorite events from the life on the high quality pictures and movies, using the stylish IXUS, slim design equipped with a versatile lens with 8x optical zoom. Eco Mode allows longer shooting and recording.

Excellent results
Enjoy excellent quality and detail photos of family and friends with 20 MP resolution and face detection. Add the date stamp to be able to view your memories in chronological order.

Automated service
Obtain great results at the touch of a button using Easy Auto mode, which automatically selects the optimal settings for your camera, so you can focus on your terms.

Creative fun
Experiment and have fun - use the easy-to-use modes of creative work. Create distortion characteristic of lenses "fish eye", take pictures or record movies look like miniature models and use other functions.

Immediate HD movie recording
Recording wonderful films with creative features and optical zoom is a simple and fun. With one touch of a button you can easily record the creative movies in HD (720p), which can easily share with loved ones.

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  Gamintojas(?) Canon
  Maksimalus ISO 1.6
  Vidinė blykstė Yes
Papildoma informacija
  Svoris 126 g
  Garantinis laikotarpis 12 mėnesių
Prekės kodai

141360474VOK 1803C001 454929208308 4549292083088

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