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Sony DSC-WX500

Sony DSC-WX500

Follow perfect images - looks even better
Now you can easily do a better selfie checking the picture on the angle of 180 ° LCD screen. Meet the new model Sony WX500 - the smallest in the world1 camera with far-reaching 30x optical zoom. With a Zeiss lens and plenty of creative options, you will reap a lot of fun with the shooting and with better quality images.
1Wśród compact cameras digits. lens with 30x optical zoom at the time of this publication (based on internal survey of Sony, on the date of announcement of the product).

Elements of advanced image quality
Advanced CMOS sensor, high-speed image processor and a legendary lens is a perfect combination of the latest advances in optics and engineering housed in an extremely compact housing.

Images from further and closer, wider staff
Lens Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * lens with 30x optical zoom proudly continues the tradition of its predecessors. With precision optics captures the crisp, sharp images throughout the zoom range from 24 to 720 mm2.
2W based on the size of 35 mm.

Guaranteed greater satisfaction with self-portraits
Now, thanks to the flexibility afforded tipped a full range of LCD display, customizable features and easy retouching, you can more easily than ever before to get your favorite effect in portraits, self-portraits and all the other images.

You see before you take a picture
On the back of the camera is the LCD screen with high resolution, which can be swiveled 180 ° up. Thanks to comfortably Scrub composition selfie or you take a picture from the same land.

Very fast and precise autofocus Fast Intelligent
Improved detection algorithm for spatial objects provides optimal and accurate drive lens and faster focusing when shooting fleeting scenes.

Set the appropriate style shooting
Regardless of whether you want to quickly share registered share, or save the recording in higher resolution for subsequent processing, you can easily set the format, mode, exposure and other settings and start recording.

Gain even more mobility
Large capacity battery, the function of communication allows sharing of mobile and compact design make the camera Sony WX500 can bring even a long journey and have a lot of fun, no matter where you go.

Share the easy way - gain remote control
Wi-Fi® technology you can easily connect to the smartphone with iOS or Android ™, and then control the camera remotely or share photos and videos. With NFC connectivity compatible with its smartphones and tablets with Android ™ does not require any complicated settings: Simply put one device to another.

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  Gamintojas(?) Sony
  Optinis priartinimas 30 x
  35mm fokusavimo ekvivalentas 25 mm
  Jutiklis(?) CMOS
  Vaizdo jutiklio dydis coliais 1 / 2,3
  Maksimali rezoliucija 4.896 x 3.264
  Maksimalus ISO 12.8
  Skaitmeninis priartinimas 120 x
  Stabilizavimo sistema Optinis
  Normalus fokusavimo režimas 5 - ∞
  Diafragma 3,5 - 6,4
  Vidinė blykstė Yes
  Maksimalus filmavimo kadrų skaičius 60 kadrų/sek.
  CF Ne
  LCD - ekranas 3 colių
  Ekrano dydis (cm) 7.5 (cm)
  USB jungtis 2.0
  HDMI jungtis Yra
  WLAN Yra
  Maitinimo šaltinis Specialus įkraunamas akumuliatorius
  Matmenys (Plotis) 101.6 mm
  Matmenys (Aukštis) 58.1 mm
  Matmenys (Storis) 35.5 mm
Papildoma informacija
  Svoris 236 g
  Spalva Juoda
  Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių
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