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Klawiatura Endorfy Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Kailh Blue (EY5A007) Endorfy

Klawiatura Endorfy Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Kailh Blue (EY5A007) Endorfy
Kodas: 56544RME
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Gamintojo kodas: EY5A007
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Klawiatura Endorfy Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Kailh Blue (EY5A007) Endorfy aprašymas

The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue is one of our favorite keyboards. The inspiration for the designers was a rare white variety of onyx, a unique and durable mineral.

You get the same set with Thock Pudding Onyx White Blue. From the outside, it is a small work of art, a beautiful bright housing with 87 powerful Pudding keys with ARGB backlighting. Under each of the PBT buttons (we made them in Double Shot technology) there is a Kailh Blue switch. These are the ones that confirm your every click with a characteristic click.

...And it will become clear!

The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue keyboard is for tech heroes who like minimalistic and eye-catching design. Its bright housing with illuminated Pudding buttons looks just great.

This bright accent on your desk refers to the white variety of onyx. It is a valuable mineral that connoisseurs associate with high strength and original appearance. A real jealous look generator!

When you want to change the design of your home office, you can turn on the ARGB lighting with one click ... And it will become bright! The aluminum sheet of the housing will beautifully emphasize its warm (or cold, it all depends on you) glow.

A little work of art

Its elegant, bright housing is just over 42 cm wide. The keyboard of this format leaves more room for maneuvering the mouse. Anticipating the question, yes, a cup with a double latte will also fit ;)

We got this size by giving up the number block. As a result, the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue keyboard is small and fully co-operative.

Keys that arouse envy

With the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue you get 87 ARGB pudding keys. They will attract envious glances wherever you go together.

With just one click, you can change their style from a rainbow glow to a monochromatic total look. You can also turn off the backlight completely. In this version, Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue looks just as amazing.

This is due to the keycaps that we made in the Double Shot technology. During this process, two types of durable PBT plastic are injected into the key mold. Thanks to this, the buttons do not wear off, and their milky white part (hence the name Pudding) allows ARGB light to pass through.

Click for click Kailh Blue

If you want to know what is under each Pudding key then we run with the answer. These are Kailh Blue mechanical switches - blue switches that will respond to your every command. You can rely on them as your best friend.

Kailh Blue are clicky type switches, which indicates a distinctive activation sound. They clearly let you know when it's time to click and are good at situations that require quick and flawless movements. They are also durable, their service life is estimated at as much as 50 million clicks (and thanks to the N-Key Rollover function, each of them will be registered and executed).

A beautiful beast

Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue is a beautiful beast.

Its unique, bright housing will be appreciated by every esthete. It looks amazing in

home office and in the frame of video calls. In addition, it will withstand long hours of intense clicking and traveling in a stuffed bag. We know something about it ;) Its construction with an aluminum top is simply resistant to damage and very stiff. In addition, it holds the desk stably and does not move even during long-term work. The appearance is also fine with her, the patterns embossed on the bottom and the ARGB backlight give it a feisty character.

My name is RGB. ARGB

Let's be honest, keyboards without backlighting look ok. But if you want to click in the dark, stand out from the crowd or impress your friends on the forum, ARGB equipment is the perfect choice.

With Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue you will match the look of your keyboard to your world management center. You can highlight each of the 87 buttons in a different color, change the color of key keys or set one effect for the entire panel. You can do it with the help of the included software or from the keyboard without installing the software.

Perhaps some will say that it is an unnecessary gadget (you can always turn this option off) ... But if you like to play with the design and change the look of your desk from time to time, the ARGB backlight will delight you.

Two-stage adjustment of the angle of inclination

For your convenience, we have equipped the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue with adjustable feet. Thanks to them, you can set the keyboard in one of three support heights the way you like it the most.

Several ways to wire

The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue keyboard cover allows you to run the cable in one of three directions. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to make better use of the space on your desk.

You will do it with the help of a detachable cable and three specially prepared channels on the bottom of the keyboard. Each of them allows you to arrange the cable in a convenient position, for example closer to the grommets or at the edge of the tabletop.

Everything under control

Do you like to have everything under control? With you in mind, we have equipped the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Blue with functional software.

We affectionately call him God Mode. With its support, you can adjust all keyboard settings to your needs, change the type of ARGB backlight, its color, configure the operation mode of many effects and create profiles. You can even create your own macros on it if you want.

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