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Logitech G715 Wireless Gaming Ke yboard Tactile Off-Whit

Logitech G715 Wireless Gaming Ke yboard Tactile Off-Whit
Kodas: 12079ABL
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Gamintojo kodas: 920-010465
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Logitech G715 Wireless Gaming Ke yboard Tactile Off-Whit aprašymas

The G715 from the Aurora collection is a LIGHTSPEED and Bluetooth gaming-grade wireless keyboard, designed with comfort in mind and featuring a cloud-soft palm rest. Fully equipped with RGB lighting and your choice of GX mechanical switches. Comes in a White Mist option. Coloured accessories are sold separately.

Exactly your type

The G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard from the Aurora Collection is a compact USB mechanical keyboard without a numeric section, giving an intimate feel with stunning performance. Express yourself, play your way.

Ultimate comfort, intimate space

Drift away with the G715's dreamy aesthetic and included comfortable palm rest. The compact layout with no numeric keypad and height adjustment gives you good all-day gaming comfort.

Styling: LightSync

LIGHTSYNC brings your game to life with soft, ethereal peripheral and under-key backlighting. Show off your style with the pre-made four immersive Play Mood animations specific to the Aurora collection. Or customise your own lighting layout and animation effects with 16.8M programmable RGB colours and free G HUB software.

Play on. Play without limits.

Stay in the game with ultra-reactive LIGHTSPEED wireless connectivity. Switch to Bluetooth mode with the touch of a button. Enjoy a battery life of 25 hours of play2Battery life measured with LEDs on at maximum brightness until depleted. May vary depending on battery discharge characteristics, usage and operating conditions.On your desk, on your lap, on your couch, in another dimension. Connect whenever you want with the included USB-C to USB-A cable to charge the battery or simply stay in wired mode. You can also connect both the G715 and the G705 wireless gaming mouse using the same LIGHTSPEED USB receiver. Save USB ports and enjoy a streamlined desktop without sacrificing performance.


Gaming-grade technology at the swipe of a finger

Start (good) gaming with the satisfying feel of GX mechanical switches, the flexibility of wireless or wired gaming and full media control at your fingertips. Everything you need to play your best and instantly take control of your music, movies and more. Lightning-fast volume knob. Be sure to choose the GX switch that's right for you. Linear is quiet and has little friction. Tactile offers feedback that you can feel and even react to. Clicky is the usual favourite of players with the widest feedback.

Choose your gear from the G Hub.

You have total control over your playing style and aesthetics. Show off yourself and use the G HUB to customise the RGB to your preference. Switch to Game Mode and disable certain keys during gameplay so your epic adventures aren't interrupted. Customise which keys deactivate with the G HUB. Customise and program as many as you like, or just start playing straight away with pre-defined lighting and settings. The G715 is always ready to go.

Customise to your liking

You decide. Customise it to your liking Customise it with keycaps and an easy-to-use key extractor key. Super-comfortable, interchangeable top plates in Pink Dawn and Green Flash colours remain available; to keep your hardware fresh, you can also use the interchangeable White Mist set. Create your own designs, mix and match colours to your heart's content.

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