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Xiaomi space heater Mi Smart S, white

Xiaomi space heater Mi Smart S, white
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Xiaomi space heater Mi Smart S, white aprašymas

An affordable and quiet smart electric fan heater
The Xiaomi Mi Smart S electric heater can heat up to 46m² of space. The powerful 2200W heater has a built-in touch screen to control the device. The quiet heater heats your room quickly on colder days. In addition, you can control the electric heater directly from your smart device.

Fast heating
The Xiaomi Mi Smart S heater has 72 heated elements. This makes it ideal for heating rooms up to 46m². And thanks to its high heat dissipation capacity, it does it quickly.

Quiet operation
The Xiaomi Mi Smart S heater does not have a fan, so it airs naturally without drying the air. Instead of a fan, the Xiaomi Mi Smart 1S uses a network-connected honeycomb conduction system that directs airflow to the surface.

Constant temperature between 16 - 28 ºC
Choose the desired temperature between 16 - 28 degrees and just relax. Thanks to the integrated double temperature sensor, the Xiaomi 1S heater maintains the temperature when the preset value is reached.

Remote control from your smartphone
Connect the Mi Smart 1S heater via Wi-Fi to the Mi Home application and control the device directly from your smart device. When leaving work, switch on the fan heater so that the room is already comfortably warm when you arrive. It is also possible to change the temperature in the application without getting up.

Touch screen control
If you do not want to use your smart device, you can also control the heater from the built-in screen. The Xiaomi Mi Smart S1 heater has a large screen with three brightness levels and touch control so you can set the temperature and power from there.

Careful design
All edges of the heater are rounded to prevent impact injuries. In addition, its legs have a non-slip base. Thanks to the side handle, the device, which weighs 6 kg, is easy to transport and store. Thanks to the splashproof design the heater can also be used in the bathroom.
  • Dimensions: 459 × 684 × 90 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Power: 2200 W

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Pristatymo laikas 7-10 d.d.
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