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Xiaomi robot vacuum Mi Mop Essential, white

Xiaomi robot vacuum Mi Mop Essential, white
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Xiaomi robot vacuum Mi Mop Essential, white aprašymas

Hassle-free cleaning
The stylish, disc-shaped and exceptionally low Mi Mop Essential robot vacuum cleaner is a hard-working cleaning machine that starts at the touch of a button and can be controlled with a smartphone. The versatile and affordable robot vacuum cleaner cleans and washes floors independently, avoiding any obstacles. After cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging dock. In addition to absorbing dust, Mi Mop Essential washes floor surfaces with a removable mop cloth. The humidity of the water wash can be determined more precisely. Mop Essential has a 200 ml water tank.

Versatile cleaning
In addition to the bare floor surface, it also removes dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets. The volume of the dust tank of the powerful robotic vacuum cleaner with a suction force of 2200 Pa is 420 ml. Thanks to the robot vacuum cleaner's advanced sensors, it can move automatically according to the room and furniture. Mi Mop Essential can escape obstacles with soft touches, without even pouring light objects. This makes the use of the vacuum cleaner worry-free.

Three-level HEPA filter
The robot vacuum cleaner's three-level HEPA filter filters out spores and exhaust air from almost all allergens, including pollen and mold. This will help keep your home clean and fresh. The filter is washable, so you don't have to change it often.

Set cleaning limits
With your smartphone app, you can define areas where the robotic vacuum cleaner should not go. These can be, for example, children's playrooms with many small objects. This keeps small toys or parts of them ending up in the trash can. With the Mi Mop Essential individual parts of a room as well as entire rooms can be defined. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi Mi Mop Essential is easy to clean. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the robotic vacuum cleaner does not fall off stairs or other edges. Mi Mop Essential can cross mounds, carpet edges, and wires up to 1.7 cm. This allows the robotic vacuum cleaner to move comfortably from one room to another.

The smartphone app allows easy management
The vacuum cleaner draws a map of its surroundings using intelligent observation. It knows its exact location and creates an efficient cleaning path for itself, which can be tracked from the smartphone application. The smartphone application allows versatile control and monitoring while cleaning the robotic vacuum cleaner. The application can be used to set and automate the cleaning time. In addition, the application can be used to define entire cleaning areas, in which case the robotic vacuum cleaner only cleans a predefined area. In addition to the automated vacuum cleaner, the app can also be used to control the vacuum cleaner, even using Alexa or Google Assistant voice control.

Powerful battery and quiet operation sound
The powerful battery of the robotic vacuum cleaner allows cleaning up to 90 m2. The robotic vacuum cleaner can also be charged in the middle of the cleaning and then it will continue the cleaning once the charge is complete. Mi Mop Essential is quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner. It is also well suited for cleaning large apartments and small office spaces.

Affordable and easy maintenance
The Mop Essential robot vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain. It is easy to empty and no dustbags are required. In addition, the HEPA filter can be rinsed with clean water. Hair and other trapped debris can be easily removed from the vacuum cleaner bristles.
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 530 × 430 × 130 mm
  • Water tank: 200 ml
  • Dust tank: 420 ml

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