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Hama PVC Cable Duct semicircular 100 x 7 x 2,1 cm black

Hama PVC Cable Duct semicircular 100 x 7 x 2,1 cm black

Hama PVC Cable Duct, semicircular, 100/7/2.1 cm, black

When you buy an amazing, state of the art flat screen TV, and mount it on the wall for optimum viewing, the last things you want to see are all the wires hanging down the wall ruining your fashionable living room.

This semi-circular cable duct works like magic by allowing your cables to become 'invisible' with its slim and aesthetically pleasing design. Perfect to use with wall-mounted flat panel TVs as it allows you to integrate the array of cables for functions such as image, sound and current into the duct and guide them discreetly up to the device.
The upper part is removable to hide several cables inside whilst becoming a design element in itself. The cable duct can be cut to length and is capable of being drilled and bent with standard tools. You can attach the duct with either adhesive tape or by means of screws. No more tripping over your cables when they are all kept secure in one place with the Hama semi-circular cable duct. You can have a safe and clean looking environment without taking anything away from the pleasurable aesthetics of your house or office.

  • For use as a channel for cables running along the wall, baseboard or flooring
  • Ideal for power, antenna and video cables, for example
  • Self-adhesive for attaching to the rear of devices, desks, etc.
  • Semicircular, slim and pleasing version (height: only 21 mm!)
  • Removable upper section
  • When the lower section has been mounted, the upper section is simply clipped on
  • For up to 8 cables, e.g. 1x power, 1x antenna, 2x HDMI(TM), 1x network, 1x Scart, 1x YUV, 1x ODT
  • For wall-mounted flat TVs - the cable duct conceals video, audio and power cables and allows them to be inconspicously passed through it up to the device
  • Cutting, bending or boring possible with standard commercial tools
  • Can be fastened using screws or an adhesive tape

Technical Details:

  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Depth: 2.1 cm
  • Width x Length: 7 x 100 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Number: 1

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