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Veikk graphics tablet S640

Veikk graphics tablet S640
Kodas: 05213NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: VE2609
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Unleash your artistic potential
Dive into the magical world of computer graphics with Veikk S640 graphics tablet. Replace your mouse with the elegant pen and see how easy drawing on the computer can be. Creating precise technical drawings, fabulous paintings and retouching photos is not only work, but also fun. The graphics tablet also makes it easy to create handwritten notes and digital signatures.

Powerful stylus
It does not require a battery or cable and allows complete freedom of work without recharging. The pen has 8192 pressure levels, allowing you to make the most accurate sketches. The pen has two buttons that you can customize.

Perfect work ergonomics
Are you right or left-handed? It doesn't matter, because the Veikk S640 graphics tablet gives you complete freedom of choice. The device can be easily configured so that you can use it comfortably with your guiding hand.

Excellent compatibility
Veikk graphics tablets are compatible with Windows (7/8/10), Mac OS (10.12 or later), and Android (6.0 or later) operating systems. In addition, they are compatible with all popular graphics programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Krita, Gimp, and many others.

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Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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