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TomTom GO Expert Plus 6"

TomTom GO Expert Plus 6"
Kodas: 07521NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: 1YD6.002.20
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Next-level navigation for professional drivers
You can’t always predict the road ahead. But with the right GPS navigation, you're always prepared to take on any challenge. TomTom GO Expert Plus is designed to get professional drivers where they need to go, as efficiently as possible. It's packed with plenty of features specific to large-vehicle navigation.

Crystal-clear screen, convenient voice control
See your route in ultra-high detail on a 6″ touchscreen that boasts the best resolution on the market. And because TomTom GO Expert Plus responds to voice commands, you can control it without taking your hands off the wheel. Plus, an easy-to-use click-and-drive mount keeps your GPS navigation secure and in position.

Setting up your vehicle profile
Taking a road, tunnel or bridge unsuitable for your vehicle is never fun – and tends to put you behind schedule. That's why TomTom GO Expert Plus tailors each route to your vehicle's dimensions. Just go to 'Settings' in the main menu, tap 'My Vehicle' and tap each setting to enter your vehicle's info.

TomTom Traffic
Live traffic info is a great way of staying informed on traffic jams, roadblocks and accidents, but TomTom Traffic does more than just that. It offers faster, alternative routes when it detects heavy traffic ahead, meaning less time driving, less fuel used and, ultimately, lower environmental impact.

Avoiding Low Emission Zones
You can now choose to select avoiding LEZ and this will be taken into account when planning a route. Especially useful for older trucks.

Enhanced visual cues
Eye-catching, full-screen animation indicating upcoming situation on the road. Never miss a turn or exit, even when driving without sound.

Personalize your GO Expert Plus
Nobody uses a sat nav as much as a professional driver. That's why TomTom GO Expert Plus allows you to personalize its look. Change the map colour, route line and other elements to reflect your preferences – or even improve visibility.

Highly responsive and effortless to use
Boasting high processing power, TomTom GO Expert Plus responds to your touch instantaneously. Its easy-to-use interface makes navigating more intuitive, from planning routes to finding nearby points of interest. Plus, a 5GHz Wi-Fi band ensures speedy map and software updates.

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