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TomTom GO Camper Max 7"

TomTom GO Camper Max 7"
Kodas: 07020NRD
Stebėti kainą Į palyginimą
Gamintojo kodas: 1YB7.002.10
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TomTom GO Camper Max 7" aprašymas

  • Specific camper routing
  • Preloaded Camper POI’s
  • TomTom Traffic
  • Crystal clear 7" HD screen
  • Scenic Routing
  • 3 × faster map updates via built-in WiFi
  • Most up-to-date TomTom World Maps
  • 1-year Live fuel pricing info
  • 4 × faster and smoother response time

Specific routing for Camper, Caravan and Car
Never get stuck under low bridges, on thin roads, or in tunnels with routing based on your vehicle's size and weight.

POIs for Camper, Caravan, and Car
Discover camping-related points of interest for whatever vehicle you're driving.

Scenic routing
Skip the congested highway or city and take the long way around so you can get lost in nature as you drive.

TomTom Traffic
Avoid getting stuck in traffic with TomTom traffic technology - trusted by millions every day. Alternative route options and trusted arrival times, all via your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav device.

Most up-to-date TomTom World maps
Drive with total confidence with the freshest maps which are smaller in size and faster to update, via Wi-Fi®, at no extra cost.

3 × faster map updates via built-in WiFi
Download the newest world maps and software updates to your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav device, quickly and wirelessly. Latest maps can be updated 3x faster thanks to built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi band, at no extra cost.

Large 7” high-definition screen
Crystal clear routes. See your itinerary in smooth motion and with exceptional picture clarity on the TomTom GO Camper Max car sat nav's large high-definition touchscreen.

1-year Live Speed Camera alerts
Stay one step ahead and keep under the speed limit with a one-year trial to speed camera alerts on your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav device, so you get to where you're going safely. Subscribe when your trial ends.

1-year live fuel prices info
Get the lowest prices with live fuel pricing information. Your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav device knows where to find the best prices and the best stations. Just set your preferences and go.

4 × faster
Swipe, zoom, and use features smoothly and distortion-free on your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav's highly responsive touchscreen. With 2GB RAM now up to 4 × faster.

Powerful speaker, vivid sound
Drive safer with unmistakable, clear, and powerful voice navigation guidance. Adjust the voice volume effortlessly via your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav's touchscreen.

Simplified User Interface
Intuitively navigate through options and settings on your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav device thanks to the modern and simplified user interface.

Moving Lane Guidance
End the anxiety around high-speed lane changes and drive with total confidence by getting distinct instructions, such as moving lane guidance, with your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav device.

Click-and-Drive mount
Secure your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav device with the click-and-drive mount to effortlessly snap your device in and pop it out.

Pristatymo laikas 11-14 d.d.

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Pristatymo laikas 11-14 d.d.
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