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Garmin DriveCam 76 EU GPS

Garmin DriveCam 76 EU GPS
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Garmin DriveCam 76 EU GPS aprašymas

  • GPS device with a 7-inch screen
  • The easy-to-use GPS device has detailed maps with updates
  • The built-in on-board camera captures incidents on video and stores them in a secure online repository
  • The device offers real-time services, such as real-time traffic information and a parking function
  • Voice control and Bluetooth support for hands-free calls and smart notifications
  • Foursquare points of interest (POIs) and TripAdvisor ratings for them
  • Built-in Wi-Fi support so you can update maps and software without a computer

Real-time traffic and weather information
Avoid delays and find time-saving routes, use real-time traffic information when the device is connected to a running app and a compatible Garmin Drive smartphone (Bluetooth and GPS activated). You can also view the weather report, current conditions, animated radar and storm warnings.

Navigation with voice control
Need instructions? Just ask. Garmin DriveCam responds to your voice requests and then guides you to the right place. (The voice assistant is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Dutch).

Enjoy better road trips with TripAdvisor
See Tripadvisor reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions that are on your route or near your destination. Preloaded Foursquare® POIs make it easy to find new shops, restaurants and millions of other popular places.

Map updates and map coverage
This sat nav includes pre-loaded street maps and map updates for Europe and South Africa

WiFi keeps your device up-to-date
Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to keep maps and software up-to-date without using a computer. When updates are available, a message will appear on the screen.

Hands-free calls
With built-in BLUETOOTH® wireless technology, you can sync your compatible smartphone so you can make calls without taking your hands off the wheel.

Real-time features
Install the Garmin Drive app on your phone. With the application, you can access real-time information, such as parking, speed cameras, traffic information, weather conditions and even fuel prices. When the device is connected to a smartphone, text messages and other notifications from the phone are displayed directly on the edge of the GPS device's screen.

Driver warnings: Know your surroundings
For safer and more informed driving, driver alerts alert you of sharp curves ahead, speed limit changes, railroad crossings, and more. Red light and speed camera alerts are not available in all regions.

Look out
With the useful "Ahead" application, you can see destinations ahead of your journey, such as cities, gas stations, food places and much more, without leaving the map.

Look behind your vehicle
When you pair your sat nav with a compatible Garmin reversing camera (sold separately), you can easily see vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles behind your vehicle.

Easier to search, faster to find
You can easily find addresses and millions of points of interest in the search bar. In case of a typo, search results similar to what you entered will be offered.

High quality cards
The quality of the map determines whether you reach your location or get lost. With high-level HERE map information, the device shows you the information you need when you need it most.

Built-in onboard camera
The integrated camera continuously captures 1080p HD video with a 140-degree field of view and automatically records video of incidents. GPS data shows when and where events took place, and thanks to a pre-installed memory card, this navigation device is ready to go.

Video recording
Recorded videos are automatically stored securely in online storage and can be accessed with the Garmin Drive™ app on your compatible smartphone. With an active Wi-Fi® technology connection, you can share video clips with others by sending them a link and password.

Forward collision warning
To improve safety, forward collision warnings warn you if you are driving too close to the vehicle in front. Certain conditions may prevent the warning function from working.

Lane departure warning
You will receive notifications if you deviate from the road or into the opposite lane.

Online repository
Video clips recorded by your on-board camera are stored in a secure online storage for 24 hours after uploading. Garmin also offers extended storage packages in paid subscriptions.

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