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Manfrotto Nano clamp 386B-1

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Manfrotto Nano clamp 386B-1
Kodas: 141346647VOK
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Liko 4 vnt.
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Manfrotto Nano clamp 386B-1 aprašymas

Small and light enough to carry in a jacket pocket, the Manfrotto Nano Clamp is like a mini version of the popular Super Clamp. Weighing in at just 126 g and featuring a ratcheting aluminum handle, the Nano Clamp can support a load of up to 4 kg. The clamp features a redesigned gripping surface, patented unexposed thread system and high friction tape which improves the grip on pipe, poles and tubes. This, and the fact that it incorporates 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 female taps, makes it well-suited for use with a wide variety of lighting gear.

Svoris 0.11 kg

Gamintojas(?) Manfrotto
Svoris 0.11 kg
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141346647VOK 386B-1 719821379607 8024221636833


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