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Walimex Set 4 Flash Holder SB 60, Umbrella gold

Walimex Set 4 Flash Holder SB 60, Umbrella gold

walimex Set 4 Flash Holder, SB 60, Umbrella gold

Product features:

  • quad system flash holder and softbox
  • mounting of up to four system flashes via standard flash mount
  • system flash holder with spigot adapter for studio tripods
  • softbox 60x60cm for mounting the holder
  • front and back diffuser for soft, even illumination
  • grid for directional light, incl. transport bag
  • Reflex Umbrella gold for soft light

Photography with system flash and softbox

This set by walimex gives you a new option of working with system flash and softbox. Up to four system flashes can be mounted to the system flash holder via a standard flash mount. This way you can combine the output of several system flashes. The holder is equipped with a spigot adapter which allows you to simply mount it on standard studio tripods with a spigot mount.

With diffuser and grid

The softbox is mounted on the holder and comes with a front and back diffuser which ensure a soft and even lighting. A grid for more precisely directing the light can optionally be fastened to the softbox and is kept in place with Velcro.

Studio Umbrella gold

The gold-coated umbrellas are used for strong contrasts and brilliant colours It is particularly suitable for product photography or to accentuate moods in portrait photography. The flexible alternatives for use and storage make it an ideal companion "on location". The translucent light umbrella is simply attached to the umbrella bracket of your studio flashgun.

Technical specifications:

  • Size Softbox: 60x60cm
  • Length Softbox Rods: approx. 57cm
  • Packing Size: approx. 60cm
  • Flash holder(HxBxT): approx. 23x22x8cm
  • Distance Flash Holder: 13cm / 8cm
  • Weigth: approx. 1,33 kg


  • 1x walimex Set Quad Flash Holder incl. Softbox 60x60cm, incl. flash holder, softbox, front and back diffuser, grid and transport bag
  • 1x walimex Reflex Umbrella gold, 110cm
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Gamintojas(?) walimex
Svoris 3.5 kg
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