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Tronix Generator Explorer XT-SE 2400Ws incl. Bag

Tronix Generator Explorer XT-SE 2400Ws incl. Bag
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Tronix Generator Explorer XT-SE 2400Ws incl. Bag aprašymas

The Tronix Explorer Mini is a portable and compact power supply that operates with most studio flash units up to 2400Ws allowing you use your studio flash units outside and/or in a location without electricity. Multiple flash units can also be connected as long as their combined peak capacity does not exceed 2400Ws.

Not only can the Tronix 2400 handle flashes at 2400Ws, but it can also handle approximately 325-350W of continual use, such as with a modelling lamp, which is on continuously (although the use of modelling lamps is not recommended). Due to its fast charging time, the Tronix 2400 allows you to work outside almost as if you were working in the studio.

The Tronix 2400 generates approximately 750 flashes at full power at 300Ws and approximately 190 flashes at full power at 750Ws. These figures are just an indication, as each brand and flash unit varies.

The batteries in the Tronix are filled with a gel. These batteries must be charged at least once every 3 months to prevent the gel from drying out. For this reason, there is a warranty period of 1 year available for the internal batteries. If the battery loses its capacity over time, it is possible to replace the battery yourself. These spare batteries are readily available at most specialist electronic shops. For support with this, please see the following instruction video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eV3ot0UZ6k

The Tronix has a built-in trickle charger, which will prevent the battery from dying and will keep the battery fully charged at any time when connected to a wall outlet.

The generator contains replaceable batteries. These batteries have a warranty period of 1 year.

As an appendix to this product you will find a list of flash units with which the generator has been tested. Should you have any doubts about the compatibility, please feel free to contact us.


Number of Pops and Recycling time
EXP XT-SE Monolight flash Load
# of flashes/ recycling time 200WS 800-1000 / <1 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 500WS 500+/ 3 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 600WS 400 / 3-4 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 1000WS 220 / >4 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 1200WS 160+/ 5 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 2400WS 60+/ 6-8 sec


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