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Mode360 Turntable 150 cm for Twister

Mode360 Turntable 150 cm for Twister
Kodas: 02959KVG
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10 x € 45.30 / mėn. ?
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Wit this Mode360 turntable you can easily change your existing Mode360 Twister. For photographing small(er) objects you can use a small turntable. For larger objects, a larger turntable is perfect. It is possible to order different sizes turntables for the Mode Twister. This turntable can be used with a Mode360 Twister, continuous lighting and/or a photo tent for optimal exposure. The Mode360 turntables can carry a weight of up to 100Kg.

The turntables are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 54 to 150 cm.

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