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Falcon Eyes Clamps CBH-12-4 for 4 Background Rolls

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Falcon Eyes Clamps CBH-12-4 for 4 Background Rolls
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Falcon Eyes Clamps CBH-12-4 for 4 Background Rolls aprašymas

The Falcon Eyes CBH-12-4 Clamps allows you to convert your light stand into a background system suitable for hanging up to 4 background rolls. In order to hang a background roll from the CBH-12-4, a bracket set such as the Falcon Eyes B-Reel, must be purchased and used in conjunction therewith. Alternatively, 4 crossbars can be used to hang your desired background.

Each clamp has a length of 18cm and can be mounted upon any universal light stand. If you wish to use 4 background rolls with this set, a sturdy light stand will need to be used. Please see the optional accessories tab below to view the compatible options.

Please note: the light stand, crossbar and roll holders shown in the photos are not included with the CBH-12-4.

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