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Lastolite Falthintergrund Urban 1,5m x 2,1m Textil LB5718

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Lastolite Falthintergrund Urban 1,5m x 2,1m Textil LB5718
Kodas: 141344497VOK
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Lastolite Falthintergrund Urban 1,5m x 2,1m Textil LB5718 aprašymas

Lastolite Urban Collapsible 1.5x2.1m Tarnished Metal/Container

The Urban Backgrounds have been designed using crease resistant fabric, allowing photographers to create the outdoor look in an instant, whether it's in the studio or a client's home. Each reversible background has a unique urban feel and can quickly add a new dimension to any portrait sitting. No longer will you have to find locations or be controlled by the weather. The collapsible backgrounds are portable and quick set up; offering the ultimate solution to today's busy photographers.


  • Comes with fabric bag
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Weight: 3 kg

Product Features:

  • Reversible
    A different surface on each side giving you more creative options.
  • Collapses To One Third Of Original Size
    In seconds the item closes down to a convenient size for portability and storage.
  • Simple Assembly
    Simple fast setup means more time spent capturing images.
  • Collapsible
    Easy to store and take with you.
  • Bag included
    For easier storage and transport.

Svoris 2.64 kg

Gamintojas(?) Lastolite
Svoris 2.64 kg
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