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walimex pro Photo Motif Background Oranje, 3x6m

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walimex pro Photo Motif Background Oranje, 3x6m
Kodas: 141327510VOK
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walimex pro Photo Motif Background Oranje, 3x6m aprašymas

walimex pro Photo Motif Background 'Oranje', 3x6m

The background “Oranje” comes in a little bit freaky and very cool. With its big and small circles and patterns in different orange and rose colours it is ideal for taking photos from children and youths in a casual and stylish environment. But adults will like it as well!

The Photo Motif Background ‘Oranje‘ particularly impresses through its real appearance. Printed on a special paper, it provides a very unique ambiance for your future shootings. Therefore it is ideally suitable for the use in your photo studio as well as for shorter video films or representations. You will get the 3x6m huge Background rolled around a paper core. This avoids unwanted bending and sagging.

Please note, that the Photo Motif Background consists of several lengths, which are sticked together. The slightly visible transvisions do not influence your pictures at all!

Product features:

  • high-quality Background with real motif
  • sturdy paper with surface refinement
  • easily to be washed off
  • brings a different scenery in your studio, ideal for even
  • diverse people photography
  • material thickness: approx. 110g/m²

Svoris 3.7 kg

Gamintojas(?) walimex
Svoris 3.7 kg
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