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FLIR Rechargeable Battery Kit GPX310 for Scion

FLIR Rechargeable Battery Kit GPX310 for Scion
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FLIR Rechargeable Battery Kit GPX310 for Scion aprašymas

The FLIR Rechargeable Battery Pack GPX310 for Scion is a set with a rechargeable battery and accessories, which you can use instead of six CR123 batteries. With this battery you extend the life of your FLIR Scion thermal imaging monocular from an average of 4.5 hours to as much as 10 hours. With this set you will receive a rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable and a mains plug (incl. 5 adapters for other types of sockets).

Where you normally install the battery holder with 2, 4 or 6 CR123 batteries in the Scion, you use the battery instead. This battery pack is suitable for all models of the FLIR Scion series:

- FLIR Scion OTM 136 / 236 / 266 / 366 / 436 (green version 60hz)
- FLIR Scion OTM 130 / 230 / 260 / 430 (grey version 9hz)
- FLIR Scion PTM 166 / 336 / 366 / 466 (black version for police/defense)

Application FLIR Rechargeable Battery Pack GPX310

The battery pack is for anyone who wants to extend the useful life of his or her FLIR Scion thermal imaging camera significantly, up to 10 hours in total. In addition, the battery pack is also easy to charge when you are on the road, for example by connecting the battery charger to the power supply in your car (e.g. via the cigarette lighter). But even if you don't want to buy (and throw away), change or charge batteries all the time, the FLIR GPX310 is a handy solution.

Other specifications

• Total capacity: 8.5 Ah; 32 Watt
• Total voltage: 3.7Vdc
• Working temperature: -30°C - 40°C
• Storage temperature: -40°C - 70°C

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