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DNP Sticker Paper 2 Rolls

DNP Sticker Paper 2 Rolls
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DNP Sticker Paper 2 Rolls aprašymas

The DNP DM68620 Dye Sublimation Photo Paper allows you to print high quality images, without white borders. The paper is able to display 16.7 million true colours and the laminate, which coats the paper, protects your photos against UV rays, dust, fingerprints and water droplets. The DM68620 paper can be finished with a matte, luster or glossy coating by your DNP printer, without having to change the roll.

The paper is suitable for the DNP DS620 printer and has the ability to make 15 x 20cm prints.

The DS620 printer is equipped with a ‘ribbon rewind’ function, optimizing the unused portion of the paper and as a result, lowering the consumption of the ink ribbon. For example, it is possible to print 1 separate 10 x 15cm prints out of one 15 x 20cm ribbon. Once the first 10 x 15cm print has been printed, the ribbon can rewind a maximum of one length of the ribbon, to print another 10 x15cm. Due to the ‘Ribbon Rewind’ function, the 10 x 15cm printing paper has been discontinued. The 13 x 18cm and 15 x 20cm remain, making the DNP DS620 economically friendly in regards to paper.

A full box of DM68620 paper can produce 800 10 x 15cm prints.

Usage Sticker Paper

No more greasing with glue thanks to the new sticker paper from DNP. With this new sticker paper you can print photos directly and paste them into a photo book. The stickers stick on every surface, making products easy to personalize. Think of wine bottles or personalized magnets. In addition, the sticker paper can also be used very commercially, for example as promotional material, for company cards, or as advertising on ski helmets, skateboards etc.

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