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Olympus DM-901

Olympus DM-901

Olympus Voice Recorder DM-901: The high-performance business tool

The top-of-the-range DM-Series debuts its most impressive digital voice recorders to date: next-generation, smartphone compatible, Wi-Fi enabled devices with functionality that goes way beyond just recording. Wi-Fi allows users to remote control recordings via a smartphone app and facilitates a visual index function that lets photos made by smartphone to be linked to the relevant section in the timeline of the voice file. This app can also download recorded files from the recorder to the smartphone to instantly share your recordings via the internet. The low-noise directional stereo microphone with 90° outward orientation and an intuitively re-designed user interface with better visibility and improved usability are just a taste of what to expect.

Advanced design. Enhanced usability.
Olympus' smartphone app enables remote control recordings via Wi-Fi, which optimizes the recording quality by allowing you to set the recorder close to the speaker. Download the recorded files from the recorder to your smartphone - to instantly share your recordings. The smartphone app is free of charge.

Integrate images into your timeline.
Enrich your audio with images taken via smartphone during a recording. You can link the images to your timeline and use them as a handy visual index - making it easier for you to search and manage your recordings.

High recording quality with superb stereo feeling.
The low-noise microphone boasts a 90° outward orientation, delivering stereo sound recordings with natural ambiance. In addition, the increased size of the openings around the microphone allow for higher quality recordings and playbacks.

Clear. Colourful. Clever.
With colour screen, intuitive functioning, and graphic icons, the re-designed user interface offers better visibility, easier operation and improved usability.

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  Gamintojas(?) Olympus
  Balso įrašas 850 val.
  Baterijos tarnavimo laikas 29 val.
  Aplankų skaičius 5
  Įrašų skaičius 4995
  Garsiakalbių diametras 20 mm
  Ausinės Taip
  Matmenys (Plotis) 51 mm
  Matmenys (Aukštis) 115 mm
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141324257VOK V407141BE000 4545350045135

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