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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OH6.5

Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OH6.5

Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OH6.5

With the CONCEPT ONE OH6.5 hybrid ball head CULLMANN supplements its range of Hybrid ball heads with the top model.

The Hybrid ball head obviously also offers the Hybrid technology, allowing to convert the ball head to a 2-way video head for videography and vice-versa, in just a few seconds. In contrast to the two other models, the OH6.5 is even more solid in its dimensions. With a ball diameter of 44 mm (1.73 inch) and a housing diameter of 64 mm (2.52 inch), the OH6.5 has a load bearing capacity of 14 kg (30.86 lbs). The ball head is therefore particularly suitable for heavy DSLR cameras and video cameras. Also here two model variants are available: The model CONCEPT ONE OH6.5 is just the ball head, which can be retrofitted to Hybrid technology by using the conversion kit CONCEPT ONE CX301.

The top model obviously features an infinitely adjustable friction setting and also the equator clamping of the ball, which ensures offset-free clamping of the ball.
The mounted camera QRC CONCEPT ONE OXC with the 90 mm long adjustment plate ensures secure grip of the equipment and is compatible with UniQ/C and Arca.
Like all Hybrid ball heads of the CONCEPT ONE series, the OH6.5 can also be screwed directly to the centre column of all CONCEPT ONE tripods. With the standardized 3/8 inch connection thread, the Hybrid ball head can just as well be used with any other tripod.

The CONCEPT ONE OH6.5 is completely made of aluminium and manufactured with highest precision.

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Gamintojas(?) Cullmann
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 14 kg
Prekės kodai

141348626VOK 40865 4007134011014

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