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Cullmann TITAN TW99

Cullmann TITAN TW99

Cullmann TITAN TW99 2-way head with OX369 incl. OX394

The robust 2-way head TITAN TW99 impresses above all with three essential product advantages: Two independently adjustable friction adjustments, a plug-in guide handle for left- or right-handers as well as the CONCEPT ONE OX369 quick-release camera coupling panorama unit including the CONCEPT ONE OX394 adjustment plate M with 90 mm length. Ergonomically designed operating elements ensure comfortable and intuitive working.

Well adapted to the weight of the currently mounted camera, the friction for horizontal pan and vertical tilt of the TW99 can be separately adjusted. This ensures jerk-free and precise pans and tilts, especially for videographers with a heavy video camera or a professional DSLR with video function. With the CONCEPT ONE OX396 the camera can be additionally adjusted by 360 degrees by simply turning the quick-release coupling unit. In many photo-shooting situations this enables the user to use an additional "Third way of adjustment". The quick-release coupling system CONCEPT ONE OX369 with the 90 mm long OX394 adjustment plate M made of anodized aluminium profile ensures reliable and individual camera adjustment, especially for videographers.

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Stovo tipas(?) Stovo galvutė
Gamintojas(?) Cullmann
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 7 kg
Prekės kodai

141324636VOK 40799 4007134407992

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