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SanDisk Extreme CF 16GB 120MB/s SDCFXS-016G-X46

SanDisk Extreme CF 16GB 120MB/s SDCFXS-016G-X46

SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash 16GB 120MB /s

The optimal combination of transfer speeds (up to 120 MB / s) write speed (up to 60 MB / s) and performance guarantees (VPG-20). Ideal for use in medium and high-end digital SLR cameras and HD camcorders. SanDisk Extreme Compact Flash guarantees a first-class read / write, allowing for immediate response actions during serial photography and high-speed file transfer.

This memory card, thanks to performance guarantees VPG 20 provides a constant minimum flow recording at 20 MB / s, needed to support high-quality Full HD (1080p).
Make the most of the function of a burst rate of upto 60 MB / s and effectively enjoy the images shot with the transfer of up to 120 MB / s

SanDisk memory cards are designed to work in the toughest conditions. They are waterproof, shock and X-rays, and extremely high and low temperatures (can operate in temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to 85 ° C). So you can use them in any climate. Even if your device does not survive extreme conditions, you can be assured of the SanDisk

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Gamintojas(?) SanDisk
Atminties kortelės tipas Compact Flash (CF)
Garantinis laikotarpis -1 mėnesių
Prekės kodai

141330465VOK SDCFXS-016G-X46 061965910366 619659103668 0619659103668

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