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StudioKing Pocket C-Stand PCS-6202

StudioKing Pocket C-Stand PCS-6202
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StudioKing Pocket C-Stand PCS-6202 aprašymas

Make light blocking easier with the compact Pocket C-Stand PCS-6202 from StudioKing. The perfect product for your photo and video shoots. This Pocket C-stand is a strong and small tripod that is easy to transport to any location. The C-stand, also called century stand, is used to attach objects that block light or give a certain effect to light. Which makes it easier for you to expose the object you are photographing in different ways. The PCS-6202 has a boom arm with a length of 25 cm. The extended length is 47 cm and once you extend the boom arm, the boom arm easily carries 1 kg.

Application Pocket C-Stand PCS-6202

When you unfold the Pocket C-Stand and place it on a table, you will see spigot connections at the end of the boom arm. Attached to the boom arm are 2 aluminum gripping heads with 3/16" holes that allow you to perfectly position the object. When taking photos, you take care of how much light falls on your object. You work as a product photographer easier with the pocket C-Stand from StudioKing.

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