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StudioKing Boom Arm FBT-2200 for C-Stand

StudioKing Boom Arm FBT-2200 for C-Stand
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StudioKing Boom Arm FBT-2200 for C-Stand aprašymas

The FBT-2200 from StudioKing is a boom arm that allows you to create a c-stand using your own tripod. This allows you to easily hang an LED light, flash or other accessory horizontally above an object. This is ideal for use above a recording table or, for example, to hang a directional microphone above a studio.

Options FBT-2200

You can position the boom arm at any angle, from nearly vertical to completely horizontal, with the included bracket. The FBT-2200 consists of two sections, so you can extend the boom arm from 122 cm to 215 cm. There is a spigot at the end, which allows you to place all lamps and other accessories with spigot coupling on the FBT-2200. To provide counterweight, a sandbag is included which you can attach to the other side of the boom arm. You can put sand (or something else heavy) in the bag, which makes your tripod less likely to fall over.

Application FBT-2200

If you want to create a nice horizontal construction with a tripod of your choice, the FBT-2200 is an ideal solution. Thanks to the telescopic rod, you can place the lamp or other accessory above the middle of setups with a width of up to 4.30 meters. Use your own tripod - or order one of our recommended ones from the optional accessories.

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Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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