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Sony wireless headset WF-SP800NB, black

Sony wireless headset WF-SP800NB, black
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Gamintojo kodas: WFSP800NB.CE7
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Sony wireless headset WF-SP800NB, black aprašymas

Headphones that are as tough as your workout
The WF-SP800N headphones are wireless sports headphones that combine long battery life, water and sweat resistance, and deep bass with digital noise cancellation. With IP552 weatherproofing, these headphones are free of splashes, sweat, or dust and can even be washed after a hard workout.

Long battery life and fast charging
The headphones offer up to 9 hours of use when fully charged, while the handy charging box offers an additional 9 hours. That's up to 18 hours of noise-free listening. When the noise cancellation is switched off, it is even longer - 13 hours of energy with a full charge and the charging case provides an additional 13 hours, which means a total of up to 26 hours of playing time. The fast charging function also allows you to use the headphones for up to 60 minutes after 10 minutes of charging.

Stable and reliable Bluetooth connection
The Bluetooth chip, which transmits sound to both the left and right ears at the same time, together with the optimized antenna design ensures a stable connection.

Choose the size that suits you
With two arch supports that ensure a safe fit even in heavy training, and four different sizes of long hybrid silicone rubber headphones that are ideal for your ear to maximize sound quality and minimize external noise.

Portable, protected and with all the necessary features
The compact charging case protects your WF-SP800N headphones. With just one full charge, you can enjoy up to 18 hours of music with noise cancellation on the charging box and up to 26 hours without noise cancellation.

Digital noise reduction and adaptive sound control
If you need a special playlist to take your workout to the next level, noise cancellation, such as the gym or street sounds, will be blocked. In addition, the headphones have an adaptive sound control feature that automatically detects what you are doing - such as running, walking, waiting, or traveling - and then adjusts the ambient sound settings to suit your environment. You can adjust the settings to your preferences.

Integrated controls
When you place your finger on the headphones, the volume is turned down and the ambient sound is released. This way, you can instantly chat with someone without removing your headphones. Use intuitive touch controls to play, pause, or skip music and adjust the volume.

Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri
Enjoy entertainment, socialize with friends, get information, listen to music, set reminders, and more.

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Gamintojas(?) Sony
Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių
Svoris 9.8 g
Pristatymo laikas 0-4 d.d.
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