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GENESIS Gaming Headset Argon 200 - Black

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Kodas: 35856RME
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Gamintojo kodas: NSG-0902
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GENESIS Gaming Headset Argon 200 - Black aprašymas

The Genesis Argon 200 is a handset that combines good sound quality, power and so much of the microphone sensitivity in the game. In addition, the set features an attractive finish that gives it character and makes every user feel like a professional player.

The Argon 200 provides very good sound quality, which is very important in the game. For the best and most reflective events in the virtual world, the sound corresponds to high-quality large 50 mm multimeters and parameters such as 96 dB dynamic range and 32 ohm impedance.

The headset is equipped with a high quality sensitive microphone with noise reduction function. Thanks to it, communication with the team or casual conversation through the communicator will not be limited by any noise.

The Argon 200's built-in headphone allows you to adjust the volume of your audio, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your audio to your current needs. This application emphasizes the gaming character of the headphones. Now you do not have to stop the game anymore to match the necessary parameters to your expectations.

At Argon 200 we will find a 2 meter long cable in textile braid. Such a solution makes the cord do not melt and break, which significantly prolongs the life cycle of the device. The braid is also stylishly finished, which has already become one of the distinguishing marks of the Genesis brand.

The headphones, in addition to a range of sound features, are designed to give you maximum comfort. Large earmuffs are equipped with soft pads sewn in organic leather and the inside of the headband is padded with soft material. In addition, for a modern design, the headband is externally sewn with an ecos. Such solutions, combined with modern shape, give Argon 200 an exceptional gaming character.

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35856RME NSG-0902 5901969407365


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