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Falcon Eyes Flexibel RGB LED Panel RX-718 III-K1 62x47 cm

Falcon Eyes Flexibel RGB LED Panel RX-718 III-K1 62x47 cm
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Falcon Eyes Flexibel RGB LED Panel RX-718 III-K1 62x47 cm aprašymas

Are you looking for flexible LED panel with many lighting options? The RX-718 III-K1 from Falcon Eyes is great for that. In addition to cold and warm light, the RX-718 III-K1 also offers the full RGB spectrum. In addition, the lamp mimics Rosco and Lee filters and displays various special effects. For all colors, count on the highest quality light, with a cri value of 95+. 960 LEDs provide a total output of 130 watts. Here the color temperature ranges from 2500K to 9999K. In addition to control with the controller, it is also possible to adjust the colors via the app. The dimensions are 62 x 47 cm.

Important features:

  • Splash-proof: you can use the panel itself near water without fear of water damage
  • Different modes: up to 5 different modes are possible on the panel
  • Wirelessly controllable: With the Desal Lite+ app, you control the RX-718 III-K1 and determine the color settings

RX-718 III-K1 flexibility

Thanks to its flexible design, you bend the RX-718 III-K1 at any angle and direction. You can even roll the RX-718 III-K1 into a tube. You attach the lamp a tripod using the included x-rod. On the back is Velcro for attachment to many surfaces.

Application RX-718 III-K1

The RX-718 III-K1 is indispensable for any creative photographer or cameraman. The lighting possibilities are endless. Adjust the color temperature based on the ambient light or provide a colored glow for extra atmosphere. Because the RX-718 III-K1 is only 10 mm thick and weighs only 1 kg, you can take the panel anywhere. The included case ensures safe protection. Optional V-mount batteries are also available, which can be found in optional accessories.

Controlling RX-718 III-K1

You control the RX-718 III-K1 with an iPhone or Android smartphone. This uses Bluetooth 5.0. Almost all light settings can be controlled on the RX-718 III-K1. The iPhone app can be found here. The Android app can be found here. It is also possible to control the RX-718 III-K1 based on the DMX512 protocol.

Application RX-718 III-K1

If you work in a studio and are looking for a universal light source, the RX-718 III-K1 is indispensable. Besides an infinitely adjustable cold and warm light, you can also set all the colors of the rainbow. The brightness is also infinitely adjustable. There are special modes for the film industry, simulating police flashing lights, candlelight and thunderstorms. All are adjustable in terms of tempo and brightness. When there are new features or improvements in the future, you update the RX-718 III-K1's firmware very easily via the smartphone app. The RX-718 III-K1 has a built-in fan for cooling, which is very quiet. It also turns on only when needed. At half a meter away, the RX-718 III-K1 produces a noise of 33.5 db. Should this be undesirable place the controller further away using a special extension cable (see optional accessories).

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