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Buteo Photo Gear Hide Falco Mark II Light Brown

Buteo Photo Gear Hide Falco Mark II Light Brown
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Buteo Photo Gear Hide Falco Mark II Light Brown aprašymas

The hide was developed by nature and wildlife photographers: Extensively used, tested and adjusted where necessary. The Falco Mark III is thé single-person camouflage photo hide for low level nature photography that we currently offer in no less than 6 camouflage patterns , please check our page 'small hides'.

The simple hoop construction means that this wildlife photography hide can be set up and folded again and again without any problem. The hide will automatically come into shape. Secure the tent at all corners with a peg. Ready for use!

In case you want to use aluminium poles, we advise you the Falco Mark III, Falco Mark III Snow or the Falco Mark III Reed.

Perfect camouflage

If you are often out in the field, you will soon realize that birds and mammals are very shy of people. This is where nature photography hides come in handy.
Camouflaging yourself and your gear with a camouflage hide is the best solution for successful wildlife photography. The basic idea is that the animals no longer see or recognize us as humans, and therefore do not feel threatened. With the Falco Mark III hide, you are quickly and perfectly camouflaged, and you will photograph more effectively and perfectly at low level. Due to its small size, the tent can be placed inconspicuously and easy be camouflaged extra with branches, leaves, reeds etcetera.

Easy, quick and mobile:

The advantage of having your own nature photography hide is that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere and deploy it quickly when an opportunity arises.

Lightweight and compact in size, this photohide for nature and wildlife photography is easy to take with you when you are in your local area, or going further afield.
For travelling by plane, we advise you the Falco Mark III, Falco Mark III Snow or the Falco Mark III Reed which can be folded smaller.

Prepare and pitch:

It is fun and useful to visit a nature area and prepare well so you can start nature photography with your low level photohide in a very focused way. But even an occasional encounter can turn into a great photo session because you can put up this hide quickly.

If possible, make use of existing vegetation, so that your photo blind becomes one with its surroundings. Because of it’s compact size this is most of the times easy. Set up your hide preferably the day or evening beforehand so that birds and mammals get used to it and you waist no time once you enter the area. The tent can be secured extra with the guy ropes provided, although this will not be necessary very often.

The Falco Mark III is a great camouflage hide, and also has the option of attaching additional camouflage such as branches, leaves, reeds etcetera. These extras can be attached using the strings. If you do this properly, your hide will blend in even more with the area and that is exactly what it is meant to do! Another possibility is to use an extra camouflage net, please feel free to check our page camouflage nets.
Make sure you still have a good and clear view with your camera!

The tent fabric itself is made of a strong material (polyester 150D) that will last for a long period. The photo hide is perfect for use for short periods (up to several months). In case the hide is exposed in full sunlight for a longer period of time, the colour/camoprint may fade somewhat. During rain/showers you still keep dry because of the Hydrostatic Head of 2.500 mm. But keep in mind that the weather resistance can decrease a bit if it is left outside for months or even longer.

For a little extra comfort, but above all to keep yourself and your equipment dry and clean, a fitted groundsheet is useful. This can be used both under the tent and inside the tent.

Imagine yourself waiting in your camouflage hide, perfectly prepared and ready for action! Suddenly a beaver, a grebe or a sandpiper shows up! It is very exciting when you finally succeed and your target species shows up in front of your tent at your beloved ground level! For wildlife and nature photographers nothing beats the feeling of taking nice shots of birds and wildlife, making it worth waiting. At that moment it is nice to rely on your gear and equipment!
photo hide, Buteo Photo Gear

Taking photos from the natue photography hide:

The door has a high quality zipper, and is additionally camouflaged equipped with an insect screen in the same camouflage print. So the photohide with the door (slightly) open is still perfectly camouflaged. The hide can also be opened completely at the front which makes it easy to place your groundpod or tripod with your equipment mounted.

Once inside the tent, you’ll see that it is very dark because of the black coating on the inside. At the front you’ll find one photo window. Optional it is possible to mount a snoot or lens cover to the photo window, which also camouflages your lens and protects it against possible rain and dust. An additional benefit is that your hands are invisible when you handle your camera.

The hide has just enough space on the inside for you, your groundpod or tripod with your photo gear mounted, and a photo backpack or bag. There are storage pockets on both sides where small items can be stored. The viewing windows with an insect net on all sides give you enough visibility to keep an eye on the surroundings.

We advise you to use a groundpod because of the space, low level and it can be placed completely inside the tent. A small tripod of course is possible, in that case put one leg outside the hide. The use of a ball head is recommended as it takes up little space. We offer specialized ballheads which can be placed on a level surface and therefore are perfect for the job. Large tripod heads will quickly hit the tent fabric when swivelling, which may scare off birds or mammals.

So, if you're looking for the perfect low level, nature & wildlife photo hide that's easy to carry, sets up quickly and always in the right camouflage print, the Falco Mark II is the best option for you.

Experiences from our specialists

  • Perfect stretched out in the tent, even for tall people.
  • Perfect low level shooting.
  • Good views on all sides by small windows.
  • Easy and fast set up and fold down.
  • Blends in well with its surroundings because of its small size.
  • Strong fabric that can take a beating.

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