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Matin Raincover for Digital SLR Camera M-6399

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Matin Raincover for Digital SLR Camera M-6399
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Matin Raincover for Digital SLR Camera M-6399 aprašymas

The Matin M-6399 Rain Cover for Digital SLR Cameras is equipped with a transparent window allowing the viewfinder and LCD screen to be visible when the camera is fitted with the waterproof cover. On the left and right side of the cover are two holes, which act as ‘sleeves’ for your arms. These sleeves are elasticized at the end and ensure a tight fit around your arms, preventing water and dust etc. from reaching the camera.

The M-6399 is suitable for all SLR cameras, with or without a battery grip, with a standard lens (18-135). The rain cover features a built-in hood, which you can expand to use in conjunction with a zoom lens. The M-6399 is waterproof, contains built in lens protection and is noise reducing, which is essential if you are videoing.

When extended, the cover has a total length of 40cm.

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Pristatymo laikas 5-19 d.d.
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