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Ricoh Theta SC2, white

Ricoh Theta SC2, white
Kodas: 02513NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: 910800
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Ricoh Theta SC2, white aprašymas

Records natural 360° still images and videos with high resolution and highly precise stitch image processing. Adapt to shooting scenarios and take beautiful images with ease. Features Preset (Face, Night View, and Lens-by-Lens Exposure modes).

Produces incredibly realistic spherical video by shooting video in 4K (3840 x 1920, 29.97fps). 

Create your own images using editing functions
Records 4K video and 360° spatial audio for a more realistic VR world. Use the dedicated editing apps “THETA+” to easily put the finishing touches to eye-catching work.

Use the dedicated apps to easily share your work
Upload to the theta360.com, a website dedicated to sharing 360-degree images. Anyone can easily display their 360° images anywhere in the world. Convenient dedicated apps are available for both PC and smartphone. Enjoy the world more with RICOH THETA. Upload 360° photos at Facebook and LINE as it is. Easily share the 360° world with friends. Post the proccessed images and videos using “THETA+” to Instagram and Twitter.

Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.

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Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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