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Photorobot Case

Photorobot Case
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The Photorobot Case is a compact and portable device that is used for taking freestanding, professional packshots and 360° shots. After transporting the Case in your car, prepare it for the first shot within 15 minutes. It is already possible to make a complete 360° shot in an ultra-fast 2.1 seconds. With an optical glass plate and a diffuse background, the photographed object can be exposed from all sides. The Case can therefore naturally take high-quality shadow-free photos, including reliable background removal.

Smart software Case

The Controls software is used to control (possibly remotely) the entire workplace (robots, cameras, lighting) and also takes care of the management of the workflow and post-processing. You operate the Case with software on a.o. macOS and Windows. The simple user interface and a wide range of smart features, such as automatic background removal, offer a simple solution for automating product photography. Anyone can take an excellent product photo within seconds.

The Case is made for efficient professionals

The Case and associated software is designed to work clearly, quickly and efficiently. You produce recordings non-stop and can work with a team of several people on the preparation, recording and post-processing. Convenient presets, workflows and automatic links make it possible to photograph products one after the other in a perfect way.

Built-in laser case

A built-in laser indicates the centre of the turntable, making it easy to rotate products around their axis. If a product is not perfectly centered, the software (automatically) adjusts the centre point of all photos within a few seconds.

Application Case

If you want to take quick packshots and 360-spins at any location with always the right background removal and without technical knowledge, the Case is an ideal solution. You can place objects up to approximately 50x50x50 cm and 20 kg on the 85 cm diameter turntable.

Options Case

The Case works with Canon EOS cameras. We will be happy to advise you on purchasing the right camera and lens. In addition, there are various options and costs for using the Case. As standard you will receive the Case including background, turntable, complete flight case, trigger cable and one year Photorobot premium warranty and support.

- High-end camera tripod: € 385,-
- High-speed flash units: 3x € 750,-
- Software (local): € 600 per year
- Installation and explanation: € 75,- per hour
- Extension of premium guarantee and support: € 360 per year

The delivery time of the case is 1 to 2 weeks. The case is available for a demonstration in Hoogeveen (by appointment).

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