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Autorius: Antraštė: Issue with Camera update v4.7 on URSA Mini

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Priregistravo: 2018-4-2
Vietovė: Pasvalys
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[*] 2018-4-2 17:45
Issue with Camera update v4.7 on URSA Mini


I mistakingly tried to update my Ursa Mini camera to v4.7 today. The procedure worked until the 100% mark of the install when it gave me a warning that the "Update had failed".At this stage, the camera would NOT power up.With BlackMagic phone support, I was advised to roll back and install v4.3.3, and then try v4.7 again, which I did, BUT after running the v4.3.3 installer, it said the camera was up to date with 4.3.1???
So, I then tried the whole process a second and third time, each time "Failed to Update", so back to v4.3.3, which installed v4.3.1

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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