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Autorius: Antraštė: Are you a Youtuber? Which video editing software do you use?

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[*] 2018-3-31 14:38
Are you a Youtuber? Which video editing software do you use?


I have a Hauppauge HD PVR2 which I use to record xbox 360, xbox One, PS4 Pro, and PC gameplays. The great thing about it is it also records my commentary and people chatting in xbox Live game chat and party chat. I've recorded some videos with my friends in it. For editing software, I use Microsoft Movie Maker. Early this year, I got CyberLink PowerDirector 14. It's great software better than Microsoft Movie Maker though not quiet as simple as it. The owners of PowerDirector also frequently have massive sales like 70% off. That's fantastic.

Since professional video editing software can be highly expensive, Adobe or something charge like $30/month! In NZ, Sony's latest SonyVegas software can cost as much as $999! or near that! or $799!
I got PowerDirector 14 during their valentines sale early this year. 70% off discount, and paid NZ$78 roughly for it instead of the full price which is something like US$289 or roughly.
Pretty good deal right. So any other youtuber's or people who do videos, on here?....

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