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[*] 2018-3-6 09:42
Best DAW for PC


I'm trying to get into composing and arranging for music libraries and I've been told that most composers use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to input their scores into in order to have them played/recorded for use. I've been recommended a couple of packages for MIDI inputting/writing: Logic X and Ableton (and possibly Pro Tools?)

I wondered if anyone could recommend either of these? The main thing for me to consider is that I use a PC and not a MAC. I want something that is going to allow me to produce professional-sounding results so I can submit my music properly and at least be considered!

I don't need fancy stuff. The key thing is a DAW that is compatible with my music writing software (Music Publisher) and that has realistic instrumental sounds. It doesn't need to notate stuff for me - I'm not paying extra for things I can do myself. Any recommendations?

Please help

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